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the Mobile Shredding Association

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The Mobile Shredding Association (MSA)

is a nonprofit association whose management, governance, and membership are made up entirely of independent mobile shredding companies. Shredding companies throughout the World that offer onsite mobile shredding and recycling are invited to apply. To be a member of MSA you must be certified. All members of MSA must meet the security requirements shown on the membership application and will be held accountable by submitting to annual audits.

MSA Audits are conducted by a third party auditor who is Board Certified in Security Management and has 10+ years experience in auditing mobile shredding operations. By joining the Mobile Shredding Association, our members are demonstrating to their customers that they promote and support the most secure method of records destruction and proven they operate within the highest of industry standards. Mobile shredding offers the customer the opportunity to witness the real time destruction of their records. By giving the customer the opportunity to witness the real time destruction of their confidential records onsite at their place of business, the chain of custody STARTS AND ENDS with the customer.


To promote the mobile shredding industry by providing meaningful support services and training to our certified membership to enhance the relationship between mobile shredding companies and their customers. To demonstrate through our actions, the value of membership in MSA. We will work to gain nationwide industry recognition and acceptance of our certification program.