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Membership / Certification

Information for New Applicants:

To be a member of MSA is to be certified. New applicants must complete the membership application and audit form to apply. We are here to assist you with any questions. Download both forms below and send a copy of you business license/permit to conduct business in your state to MSA along with your member dues. All CERTIFIED members of MSA must meet the security requirements shown on the membership application and will be held accountable by submitting to third party audits to insure compliance with the program. New members would be required to complete the initial certification audit within 60 days of membership application and are considered Associate Members until they pass their audit. Associate Members would not be able to display the MSA logo in marketing material until the audit is successfully completed. Your MSA is growing rapidly and we have you, our members, both current and prospective, to thank for that success! This new program greatly reduces the amount of paperwork for the member in applying for MSA membership. It also creates an “audit process” that the member and the public can see as legitimate with no on-site visits from the auditor that interrupt your daily work activities. When clients see the MSA logo, they will know without question that the shredding professionals they hired to destroy their confidential information meet the industry security requirements demanded by the public and established by MSA.

Membership Renewal / Certification Information

Information for Renewing Members:

The Mobile Shredding Association is growing and we have you our members to thank for that success! MSA continually strives to bring our members the most value based services and in doing so we have made significant changes to our certification program and membership standards that members demanded at the 2016 Annual Membership Meeting.  Members will pay their MSA dues annually and it includes your certification fee. MSA strives to keep our total membership and certification costs very affordable to you. Larger companies will pay a bit more but their administrative costs to the Association are more so that is fair. Renewing members will receive a Renewal Audit, which is a shorter version of the full audit or much like a random audit.This new program greatly reduces the amount of paperwork for the member in re-applying for MSA membership to acceptable industry standards and what the public expects. It also creates an simpler audit process that the member and the public can both see as legitimate.

All re-certifying members will be subject to an audit conducted by our third-party auditor. All CERTIFIED members are subject to a random audit at any time during their membership. In all cases, the audit process form will be sent to the member outlining what is required and is available to members for downloading from our website below. The Board of Director Ethics Committee will review all appeals and challenges and make final recommendations to the Board to rule on.

While our regular membership is for mobile shredding companies, for people in the industry or not, our Associate membership for individuals is available for those wanting to support MSA.

Businesses that wish to support the efforts of MSA or provide services to our members may join as a Vendor Member. There are two levels with one of them being for Sponsors.