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MSA Supporters

The following individuals are current supporters "Associate Members" of MSA. These are individuals that have applied for membership as individuals under our ByLaws definition of an Associate Member or are companies that have applied for full membership, but  have not completed an audit and should not proclaim or act in any way that they are a certified member of MSA.  Once they complete the audit the company name will be listed under Locate certified members.

Paul Majewski of Chesapeak Shredding

Sam Bicking of Docu-Shred

Pegg Hussing of Eco Shredding

Kevin Robinson of Info Dog Security

LeSonia Leimer of Pantera Shredding

Darryl Pikoos of Paper Cuts

Kyle PReston of Preston's Mobile Shredding

Elkin Sanchez of Shred Monkeys

Scott Kilpatrick of Savannah Shredding

Christina Gornall of Shredding and Storage Unlimited



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